Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nyabageni's Second Harvest

The Nyabageni Community is located in Northern region of Rwanda. In order to address community food insecurity, they started a potato project with Spark MicroGrants at the beginning of 2011. The first harvest was in July of this year, but community members wanted to strengthen this project by continuing to work as the community. “Let’s support our community because it helps us to have fun, to work together and have income.” Jean Damascene Hakizimana, community member urged his fellow members.
On October 31, 2011, Nyabageni community harvested Irish Potatoes for the second time. The second harvest produced more potatoes than the first harvest in July-- their production in total was 12,250 kilos. The community sold 5625 kilos and shared 4125 kilos. Every community member received 55 kilos to share with their families. After selling and sharing, 2500 kilos remained. These remaining potatoes will be used for seeds for a third planting.
Not only did the Nyabageni community share potatoes, but also they decided to give every community member 1000 Rwandan francs. Seburanyiga Leonidas, the community supervisor, said that after selling the potatoes, the community decided to distribute a small amount of money to each household. Households are using this money to purchase things like medical insurance, soap, salt and other things.