Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Animals to Arrive in Bukomero Soon!

Hello everyone! Its Natasha a summer intern with Spark who is working with the community Bukomero.

The past few weeks have been very exciting in Bukomero with the animal handoff and personal interviews with community members that I have done. But this week will definitely be another highlight in their granting project, as they just received their follow up money.

Bukomero received $300 total of follow up money, which means that each of the groups (chicken, pig and goat) received $100 or 60,000 RWF. I told the community that they would be receiving the money two weeks ago and they quickly started to brainstorm in that meeting. The goat group instantly decided on buying more goats, where as the pig and chicken groups were thinking of starting new projects such as a bean cooperative. They were thinking of starting these new projects because through the planned animal handoffs they believed everyone would eventually receive an animal.

On Friday, we had another community meeting where they broke off into their three groups and discussed, wrote, and budgeted out their plan.

The goat group decided to buy 4 more goats each at the price of 15,000 RWF. One of these goats will be male, which will make it easier for the animals to reproduce. The Chicken group, after a lot of discussion decided to buy 2 chickens for 12 families, with two chickens costing 5,000 RWF. They decided to give chickens to those who didn’t have any and to those who received chickens the first time but had died due to illness. So they will be giving away 24 chickens to 12 families, at a cost of 5,000 RWF per family. The pig group decided to buy 8 pigs at the price of 7,500 RWF each. They are giving pigs to people who had not yet received pigs, but also to those who’s pigs died. The pig group also decided to buy a male pig because there is no male pig in Bukomero, and it can be quite costly to have a male pig from a neighboring community come to Bukomero. Emile will be receiving the male pig and he negotiated with the community to let them use the male pig for reproduction services at a cost of 1,000 RWF,which is 50% off the normal rate of 2,000 RWF.

I gave the leaders their follow up money on Monday, so they will be buying the animals this week at the local markets. One great thing about this grant is that the people are able to determine where to buy the animals and what animal to buy, so not only are you helping the family who is receiving the animal, but we are also putting more money into the local market place. Hopefully, when I go back on Tuesday I will be able to see all of the new animals!

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