Thursday, June 16, 2011

An update on Spark's newest partner community

On Sunday, Spark met with members of the Gisagara community to hear their ideas about how to address the problem of food insecurity (especially serious during the dry season), as well as how to do away with their persistent jigger infestation. After breaking into groups to discuss how they would most like to use a micro grant, they community came back together and decided to form an an association for addressing food insecurity, most likely through growing beans and sorghum. A president, vice president, secretary, and security officer were elected to head up the association, and each community member will have the option of joining. The association will discuss and vote on whether they would like to use a portion of their funds to eradicate jiggers, as well as how they would like to carry out their food security grant. Over the next several weeks, they will draft a MicroGrant proposal!

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