Saturday, June 25, 2011

News from Tubeho

Merry faces came together at the latest community meeting with the Tubeho Association in Karama. Tubeho was last reported on in May, and Spark is happy to say that the honey cooperative plan is complete and the group is ready to take on the first stage of the project. Additionally, the association has already begun HIV education outreach for community members, and it will continue to do so as the honey cooperative is brought into fruition.

Tubeho has risen to the task of managing the massive grant awarded to them by the US Embassy. The $13,000 grant will be implemented in installations, Tubeho has already submitted its final draft of the first installation's budget, and is now eagerly waiting for allocated funds to begin honey production training and the construction of a community store.

Through the Microgrant process this inspiring group is challenging the social stigma put upon them surrounding HIV and proving to themselves that they are capable of much more than simply surviving. When individuals were asked about their involvement in association, they suggested that before Tubeho they were idle but hopeful, now they are excited and proud of what they have already accomplished for themselves.

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