Sunday, June 5, 2011

A new community in Rwanda

These are pictures of a mother from gisagara in southern Rwanda. Like most other mothers in Gisagara, she makes and sells pots for a living. For each pot she makes, she walks two hours to a valley to collect clay and walks enough clay back on her head to make one pot that she will then sell for around $0.17, if she can find a buyer at the market.
Living on around $0.17 a day, it’s easy to imagine the problems the village has with food security. Their land in the rainy season is highly fertile, but in the dry season they struggle to produce enough food. In the pictures below you can see the potatoes in Gisagara compared to those in the north in Musanze (where we supported a village to start a potato cooperative The mothers in Gisagara were open with us about when they do and don’t have food and they solidly told us that they really want to grow food and that they know how to do it if they can acquire land. They want to work together and grow, soon they will start preparing their MicroGrant proposal for their food security project!

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