Monday, April 11, 2011

Launch time for Spark Advocates!

I'm happy to announce that after much planning and testing it's time to bring Spark Advocates out of beta! We're excited about this new way for people to get involved with our work.  Being a Spark Advocate is a great way to make a contribution and learn about issues in development.

Our initial batch of Advocates have already made some really great contributions.  As Spark MicroGrants continues to grow, the role of Advocates in ensuring the success of these development projects will grow as well.

Spark Advocates is about linking communities, and helping to one community's development efforts succeed by connecting other communities to their project.  Fund raising is an important part of advocating.  Raising awareness and helping people in your own community understand how these communities are building a better future on their own terms is also key.

Spark Advocates is open to anyone, anywhere.  No prior experience is required, only a desire to make a contribution.  You'll be connecting with other Advocates and Spark project facilitators from all over the world, but you don't ever have to leave your home town (of course, it's good to get out once and a while!)

This is an opportunity to build new skills and get some great experience an in the field of international development.  There are also chances to contributing to grant writing and other project-specific activities.  It's a great chance to put your creativity and passion to work to make a real difference, too!  

If you are interested in becoming an Advocate, you can sign up here. To learn more, you can check out the new Spark Advocates Handbook, or download the sweet new Advocate flier.  Any quesitons?  Feel free to email Andy Pritchard (me) at

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