Friday, March 4, 2011

Kigundu Zone implements and Kitimbwa plans for their project

The Kigundu Zone sanitation project in Uganda is almost complete. The group built up a canal to stop flooding of the sewage system into their homes and pathways. They raised the height of the existing canal by about a foot and a half (shown in the picture below).

The canal before the project started is shown on the left and afterward on the right. They plan to finish the sidings in soil to protect the structure. The women expressed their appreciation for the project and also pointed out another section of the drainage system that needs improvement (see picture below). Regular floods plague the families living around that region of Kigundu. They proposed expanding the project to help that region as well and are designing a follow up proposal to see if we can help support it. As for the first project in Kigundu, we’ll have to wait for the rainy season to see if it really works!
The newest Uganda project is with the Kitimbwa Women’s Association which has over 200 members. They are developing a proposal for a vocational training center. Two local woman politicians are helping support the project by donating pieces of land for the center. They are developing their proposals and have started discussing the skills that will be taught. Skills include making soap, candles, beads, tie dye, cakes and baked goods, vaseline, and chalk.

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