Thursday, September 16, 2010

Community update: Wanteete Village, Uganda

I just returned from Kampala where the MicroGrant competition in Wanteete Village is getting heated! Three groups are developing different proposals on how to increase access to pre-primary education for the kids in the village. Aaron said that each group discusses their project throughout the week; even in between meetings building proposals in hopes that their proposal will win. Of course no matter which groups proposal wins, all of their children will stand to benefit. Currently children are walking very far to an overstuffed and under-resourced school. The walk is dangerous. Aaron said that one child disappeared last year on his walk to school. Aaron and the BESO staff have been enthusiastically supporting the women and helping them write proposals – a huge project for a group of women who do not know how to read or write! Proposals have been drafted and handed in, we’ve uploaded them onto the following discussion page:

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