Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lacking clean water

The people of Karambe Village were very clear during our meeting last Friday that access to clean water is their most pressing social issue. They discussed the multiplicity of other problems facing the community, which includes: lack of electricity, poor schooling for their kids and lack of capital to start projects. The need for water though, is severe. There is a tap about three to five kilometers away from the community yet during the dry season the tap runs dry most days, providing water only a few times a month. The community members quickly spouted out ideas of what to do about this. They suggested drilling a well for the side of the village that is too far from the tap and to build a water storage tank for the tap that is accessible on the other side to have a steady supply of water. While this is a needed project, the cost of doing both a well and a water storage tank may run deep into our projects funds. We defiantly do not want to skimp on this side of the project, if you can, please help support this MicroGrant!

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